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There aren’t too many people who wouldn’t enjoy a spa vacation. I mean who doesn’t want to get pampered on vacation?

This article reminds us that celebrities do. The article promises to tell you about “rates from $422/night at exclusive, pampering holiday hotels” and while that is expensive is nothing compared to this next place.

This article talks about a new spa being built that will have “high-end teepees, spa packages and music shows to the green-minded vacationer.”

Interesting how they combine the pampering of a spa vacation with teepees. And what is a high-end teepee anyway? They better be nice for $2,000 / night.

If that’s too expensive, maybe Glenwood Springs is more your style. This article calls it the working man’s spa town. Here the Hotel Colorado has the world’s largest mineral bath:

The 90-degree main pool measures 405 feet in length, with a diving section and Olympic-size swimming lanes; an adjacent 104-degree therapy pool is a mere 100 feet long. On a night last month, the pool glowed turquoise, steam rose 30 feet, and “Le Freak” by Chic played over the sound system. Bodies appeared and disappeared as the mists tumbled over the water’s surface.

At $169/night (and up) it’s a bit more affordable than the new teepees being built.

Back to expensive stuff, this article mentions Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa and Jaguar Reef Lodge and Spa as top 5 dream vacation destinations.

This article on romantic vacation ideas for couples who have been together for a while also mentions spa vacations, namely learning a sport like golf at a resort with a nice spa. If you don’t like golf, you can always “court each other at a resort in a couples’ sensuality workshop.” If you love golf then read this article.

This article reminds us to think about both the spa and the overall experience. That means pick a place with nice surroundings and good food. Of course most spa resorts have nice stuff around them and good food…

And this is an old article I’ve been hanging on to for a while. Time to get rid of it! It has got spas from New York to Africa and that focus on yoga, spirituality, etc.

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