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St Mawes on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall has many things going for it. St Mawes has the third largest natural harbor in the world and is best known for sailing and other nautical entertainment. The small fishing town turned holiday destination is also well-known for beaches and hikes. It is not so well-known for movie tourism, but that is another possibility. I will try to share what I would do on vacation in St Mawes in this post.

First, I would find a dog-friendly cottage. Since St Mawes is on the south coast of Cornwall, England, it makes sense to check out South Cornwall coastal holiday cottages if you are planning a trip. This website has a number of choices so I would choose a less expensive one near a dog friendly beach.

I don’t plan to do everything with my dogs while on vacation. Sometimes it’s best to leave your furkids in the cottage (to make sure they don’t get too much sun for starters), but when a tourist destination has at least one dog-friendly beach, they move up my list of places to visit.

Boats in St Mawes

Regarding beaches, Summers Beach gets the most sun, but no dogs allowed during the summer. Tavern Beach has a nice view of the boats and good ice cream. I have read that the beach is ideal for kids, which makes it possibly less ideal for me since my dogs do not love children. I suppose I would visit Summers Beach during the day when it may be too hot for dogs anyway.

I am a sucker for castles. Built in the 1500s, St Mawes (and its larger sister castle, Pendennis) are part of a chain of fortresses known as Henrician Castles or Device Forts. I would visit the closest ones for sure and think it would be fun to visit a few that may be within driving distance. The castles are also features of many walking trails in the area.

St Mawes castle
St Mawes castle is on the River Fal or Dowr Fala in Cornish.

Next I would like to talk about hiking. I’m not familiar enough with the area to plan my own walk, but there are plenty of options. Here is one walk around St Mawes that seems really great:

It should also be possible to do some movie tourism. The Agatha Christie film Murder Ahoy was filmed here, as was the 1964 film Crooks in Cloisters. Neither of these films excites me too much, so I probably would not go out my way to visit places they filmed. However, it may be worth looking into for some travelers.

Finally, I should mention at least one place to eat. The Rising Sun is a dog-friendly pub that opens at 8:30 (till 10:00) for breakfast and then serves from the main menu from noon to 9:30. They have great views of the water and a bunch of food I want to try: homemade scones, traditional Cornish Cream Tea, and homemade cakes (available between 2:30 pm and 5.30 pm daily).

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