Stag parties in Eastern Europe

Here’s an interesting article about how stag parties in Eastern Europe are becoming more popular for British men and how the locals don’t appreciate this brand of tourism:

And as thousands careen around East European capitals each weekend, locals are starting to grumble about a distinct lack of appreciation for local sensitivities. The impression of the British as a genteel people is rapidly waning. In Prague, for example, locals have complained about being overrun with bawdy Brits drinking cheap lager and scoping out prostitutes. As many as 1,200 stag groups are thought to descend on Prague each year and British visitor numbers to the city jumped more than 50 percent last year. The mayor, Pavel Bem, has already sought to rein in the red-light district and wants visitors to respect local customs. Bars and restaurants have started to refuse large groups of men, according to city hall spokeswoman Jana Kobesova.

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  1. Josh says:

    Yeah those damn Brit’s are driving the price of a screw through the roof!

  2. Josh says:

    Yeah those damn Brit’s are driving the price of a screw through the roof!

  3. Fernando Rosado says:

    Where are those dirty bastards so that we could show them the american way of having stag parties. The Fraternity way. GO USA!!!

  4. BBG says:

    Prague is the most facinating city to visit, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, where you get lots of Brit stag parties you will get them drinking cheap lager and seeking out prostitutes – that’s what they go away for! Sadly, they’ve worn out their welcome in Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal and Paris – and the prices have driven them further east…wherever the cigarettes and the beer is cheap you’ll find ’em…with beer at $5 a pint and cigarettes $9 for 1 pack of 20 it’s no wonder they don’t party in their own country! I notice no-one has complained about the hen parties taking place in these places…the gals can be as wild as the men believe me!

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