Studying language on vacation

Well I am many hours behind on sleep thanks to taxes (finally finished) so let me leave you with only this article on mother daughter spa vacations.

It starts off by talking about a mother and daughter who were planning a trip to Guatemala to study Spanish but ended up at spas in Mexico instead.

Now spas are great, but I just want to point out how awesome it could be to head to Italy for a month and include three weeks of Italian classes. You’ll still have nights and weekends free for whatever trips you want to make to other cities. During the week you’ll have friends to eat out with and visit that city’s tourist spots with.

So you could leave Rome after a month having learned a little Italian, having made some friends, and having explored lots of the city with good company.

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  1. Issert says:

    Does anyone know volunteering abroad progams with language classes or language immersion programs within Spanish speaking countries?

  2. Joe says:

    I have been going to Guatemala for 15 years to study Spanish and volunteer. Spanish School is the main industry of Antigua – with some 80 schools. Family stay is about $100/week including 3 meals/day. School is about $125/week for the best schools giving 1 on 1 instruction, 4 hours a day. Volunteer opportunities abound and can be arranged through most schools.

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