Suggestions: what golf courses to play in the Vegas area

This is a reader submitted article on golfing around Las Vegas:

Hi James. A friend recently asked me for some advice about where to gold in Vegas and I thought of your blog. Maybe whatever I know will help some readers.

Bali Hai – Very nice course, but many men go to oogle at the beautiful cart girls.

the Wynn – Directly behind the Hotel is a nice golf course. Rates were around $500 when I was there so it’s expensive.

the Las Vegas Country Club – A mid-level, reasonably challenging course, very fast greens.

TPC at the Canyons – Is said to have very good rates for the summer.

Badlands – In the Summerlin area, this Johnny Miller course is fairly challenging – the desert areas come into play on pretty much every hole. It is very scenic and very well maintained with a friendly staff. It’s a little gimmicky – lots of “target golf” where you’re teeing off with irons on par 4s in order hit small landing areas, etc. Not your standard track but enjoyable if you want a change of pace.

Rio Secco – Often said to be better than Badlands.

Angel Park – Also in the Summerlin area, Angel Park is a fair to middling course. It has a lot of nice views of the surrounding area, and fast greens for a public course. However, the pace was glacially slow the day I played – 5+ hours.

PGA West – I played 36 holes at in September one year. It was 120+ degrees. No caddies – but a covered golf cart with a complimentary gatorade sized thermos of water attached was the club’s rule of the day. Most of the fringes were burned and there were fans blowing on all of the exposed greens to keep them from burning. We were the only players on the course that day, it was a trip.

In the desert in the summer, dry dry dry and hot hot hot. It can be really brutal. Bring and use plenty of sunblock, wear the right clothing including a hat with a brim.

Bear’s Best – This Nicklaus course is fairly challenging with some 500+ yard par 5 holes.

Paioute – There are 3 different courses at Paioute, and it is a 30 or 40 minute ride from the strip, so you are better off renting a car than cabbing it. Pauite is very good and it is reasonable (for Vegas).

Anthem at Revere – In Henderson, Revere at Anthem has two beautiful courses, which are fairly challenging. In addition to the other two names I sometimes call this one Revere Anthem.

Lake Las Vegas – Two courses which are gorgeous, and have the nicest greens I have ever played. Enjoy, but they can be pricey, even in July.

Wolf Creek – If you are good and want a once in a lifetime experience, drive 80 miles (only an hour there) to Mesquite and play Wolf Creek. It’s like playing golf on the moon. Unreal golf course…trust me.

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