Summer boating season is here – stay safe

My wife and I have good memories of heading to my parents house when they lived on Long Beach Island at the Jersey Shore and going for boat rides on the bay there. We saw a lot of people who didn’t know what they were doing driving boats. Some of them must have been locals but many of them were vacationers who rented boats for the day or week or whatever.

So there wasn’t one particular article that caught my eye but I did notice a few articles on the summer boating season in Ontario. Fewer marinas are selling gas on the water so more people have to use gas cans (too expensive to meet environmental standards and all that). And, more importantly, is safety. Boating accidents and drownings are a big concern. Water that looks calm can actually be quite dangerous (Lake Ontario is infamous for this).

It seems people go swimming without life vests on, people drink alcohol on their boats, people drive their boats too fast, people don’t know all the rules…

I know one thing you want is a safety course. In New Jersey, anyone with a driver’s license can rent a boat and drive it around – I think as long as you plan to use the boat less than 90 days you don’t have to take a boater’s education class. I think this is stupid but I guess requiring vacationers to know how to operate a boat safely would be bad for business.

Anyway, if I were going to Ontario I would make sure I know the safety regulations and things there before speeding around in a boat. For more information on a pleasure craft operator card Ontario (The actual name on the card is “pleasure craft operator card”) there’s the link.

Well the same is true if you’re traveling anywhere to go boating – I just happened to see the articles on Ontario – you should know the local laws and regulations, probably before you go. Please also find more boating information on boatsmart.

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