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Mulberry Phosphate Museum & digging for fossils

A while back my mom reviewed Reader’s Digest off the Beaten Path. So I recently moved to America and saw the book for the first time. Impressive looking hardcover, not unlike the Lonely Planet Food Lover’s book I reviewed recently. But Off the Beaten Path is more a book of travel ideas, with some interesting stuff to do in each US state. And the things aren’t big tourist attractions. For example, today we went to the Mulberry Phosphate Museum, about an hour from Orlando (probably closer to Tampa).

It’s not the sort of day trip most tourists would skip Disney World for, but I thought it was fun. My wife thought it was boring and after only a few minutes of digging for fossils she was rushing me out. All pics are thumbnails.

Digging for fossils at the Mulberry Phosphate Museum.

I think I found a tooth of some sort, and apparently finding fossilized teeth is real common there. Seems great for kids and adults like me. Not for my parents or my wife though. In addition to the dig site, there was a bit of information on phosphate mining, a room with a few fossils, and a caboose you could enter.

My father and I on a caboose at the Mulberry Phosphate Museum.

All in all, it was a nice hour or so at the museum.