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Popular European destination pictures

I wanted to share a few pictures that friends of mine have taken recently. It’s been a while since I’ve posted travel pictures and while I have a few of my own on deck, I happened to notice that my friends have recently visited some of my favorite places. I’ve never been to Nice or Pisa, but the pictures of Venice and Lafayette Department store do bring back memories (when I took my picture I didn’t have the Christmas tree), some recent and some distant. These are thumbnails so you can click on a picture to see the larger photo. You’ll then want to use the back button to return to the blog – if you just close the picture you’ll close the site entirely.

Lafayette Department Store in Paris.

I doubt that the Leaning Tower needs a caption.

Nice, France.

A canal in Venice.

Naps and missed flights in Paris

Another travel story from one of my Korean university students:

I spent 6 months in Stockholm as an exchange student. My first trip outside of Sweden was to Paris.

I bought the cheapest ticket I could. It was a low cost carrier that departed from a small city nearby, Nykoping, at 6:30 am. I only had to be at the airport an hour early, but getting there was a problem. I took the last train to the central bus station at midnight. There actually was a night bus I could have taken, but I didn’t know it at the time.

The bus stationw as closed from midnight to 4:00 am so I spent 3 hours in McDonalds. It was winter and freezing, even inside McDonalds. And there were lots of drunk people there. I sat by myself for three hours reading my guide book.

I did get to paris, though, at 8:30 am. I walked a lot, mostly to save money. But then I enjoyed walking around Paris so much that I woke up at 6:00 am the next day and wandered around until midnight.

The next day I did the same, except for an unplanned nap. I was in Notre Dame. I was praying and listening to a grand song and then I woke up 20 minutes alter. I was shocked that I fell asleep in church. I must have been really tired.

My last night in Paris, I hung out with some other travelers in the hostel and had a beer. It was really interesting to chat with the other travelers there.

My last morning in paris I overslept and missed my flight. It seemed like the end of the world and I was practically crying. But soon I realized it was just a flight to Stockholm and not all the way back to Korea. Only two hours away. I calmed down and bought a ticket for 2 days later so i had more time in Paris.