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Quick travel planning tips for India

With its rich cultural history, magnificent temples, and great people, there’s something enchantingly unique about India. So you’re all set on that mystical trip you’ve been planning for years … ready to take the plunge? Here’s a few quick tips to consider.

First, know your home country currency versus the value of the Indian Rupee. Since the Indian Rupee has dropped in value as a world currency over the past few years, you might be able to create a more memorable trip! You should plan accordingly when scoring cheaper airline tickets, budget hotels, apartment rentals, and discount transportation as a result.

Next, when planning out where you’re going to stay. Think about the diversity of Indian cuisine as it varies from region to region. Also consider in advance how much traveling you intend to do, since India is historically well known for its central role in the spice trade. That means you will find a various assortment of colorful, fragrant, spicy dishes during your travels.

As for hotel accommodations, you might consider Tripadvisor‘s top ten list of upscale hotels such as the Parakkat Nature Hotels and Resorts, or the Oberoi Vanyavillas for an amazing experience. Though if you’re already on a budget, one of the most highly rated hotels to stay at versus price point is the AkashDeep.

If you’re opting for a more traditional stay, then you’re probably not looking for a hotel unless you’re traveling in a big group. Some consider staying at hostels, but typically they’re not worth the expense unless you’re making a point of staying in one since budget hotels will often cost the same.

One way to get around staying at hotels, while saving extra cash, is by looking directly for Indian families who will host you on the various hospitality exchanges. For example, the popular website Couchsurfing is one of the largest networks in India and comparable to Airbnb.

At the site above, there’s well over 100,000 hosts and growing. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with Indian culture, though if you’re new to the country you’ll find most Indian families are gracious and will appreciate your interest in their culture.

As for transportation, you might want to rent bikes and take trains. Check out a few styles offered by Brooklyn Bicycle Company, as these are the types of city bikes you’ll want to look for in terms of tires and comfortable seating.

Don’t expect speedy travel arrangements when you get there, and don’t expect your airline departure and arrivals to be exactly on time. The same goes for buses and trains. It’s helpful to research a map of India and consider the sheer size of the territories you are wanting to see and plan out your travel route in advance.

Lastly, a few safety tips for women travelers. Remember you should be dressing appropriately with the customs while you’re travelling through the country. This includes shoulders, legs, and cleavage because India is still a conservative country when it comes to female expression.

Also, consider the ramifications of being female and travelling alone. One of the most important tips is not to arrive at your destinations at night by yourself. Always exercise caution and judgment while abroad while paying attention to your surroundings.

Above all, have fun and enjoy your well-planned trip!

Iceland vacation and bachelor party – anyone been? What should I expect?

Reader question: I’m headed to Iceland for a bachelor party and have pretty much no idea what to expect. Has anyone here visited there?

I know two people that have gone – one for a bachelor party and one for vacation. The bachelor party guy has done the full route of Vegas, NOLA, South Beach and said he enjoyed Iceland more than the others. According to him it was a great party atmosphere, women were beautiful, and everyone hooked up easily. Simply being American went a long way. One thing I’ve heard about going there during the summer is that it’s crazy with young adults from continental Europe. The partying is nonstop with the almost 24 hours of sunlight.

The other guy did a vacation and had fun, they did a volcano tour of that one that snarled European flights a few years back and did scuba (or was it snorkeling) – he said the scuba was fun despite the cold, had a ton of cool rock features but not much in the way of marine life. He said the volcano hike was fun but they def don’t have the safety standards we’re used to in the US. The were rock climbing and ice climbing aspects that they were completely unprepared for (which they enjoyed) so keep that in mind.

Some of the things I would recommend:

– Blue Lagoon Geothermal pool: an outdoor year round pool. It’s pretty cool to be swimming outside in 20 degree weather with snow coming down. I would visit on the day you’re leaving because its out by the airport.

– Golden Circle Tour: this tour takes you out to the Geysir hot springs, the Gullfoss waterfalls and Þingvellir national park, before going for an snow mobile tour on the Langjökull Glaicer. You can buy the tour package at the bus station, but you can do the same thing by car service and save money. Get a business card from the car you take from the airport, they tend to be more than willing to be on call for you.

– Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur: You have to try a hot dog from this stand in Reykjavik downtown. It’s different from any hot dog you’ve had before. Check out the pics of James Hetfield and Bill Clinton enjoying one. When you have a sausage or hot dog in a natural casing, when you bite down there is a “snap” as you bite through it. it’s a pleasing “mouth feel”. Yes the Icelandic women were beautiful, the woman serving your hot dog at the stand may very well be the best-looking woman you ever saw.

– Þrír Frakkar: Really good restaurant where you will have chance to try puffin, reindeer, horse, and whale.

– Stay away from Ice Bar! It’s basically a walkin freezer where you can get an overpriced drink.

– Alcohol is definitely very expensive there, I suggest grabbing stuff from the airport duty free.

– Be careful, safety is kind a loose and you can walk up to enormous waterfalls if you dared.

– There are many other outdoor springs which are pretty cool. They have these indoor/outdoor public ones in town also. It appeared many locals go to these after work to relax/socialize. My favorite part was they make everyone take a showers before you enter to keep it clean.