The 5 prizewinning entries for the 2006 summer vacation writing contest

Here are the winners! I’ve only commented out loud on the first place winner. All prizewinners should contact me with payment instructions (check or PayPal). There were some awesome travel plans that didn’t win money this time. That’s just the way it has to be in a contest like this. Please don’t email me to complain about how unfair I am. I get enough of that from my students! I don’t expect everyone to agree with so feel free to post your comments below. All I know is that I did my best to be fair because I truly do want my money going to the best travel plans.

Honorable mention ($50.00): Taste of Jamaica

Honorable Mention ($50.00): Madrid to Malaga

Third prize ($150.00): Discovering Spain

Second prize ($250.00): These shoes were made for walking… in England

First prize ($500.00): London & Amsterdam Summer Vacation

1. The vacation plan includes a daily itinerary: 10 points. I didn’t give out many perfect grades here, but I liked how this one did a lot and not too much. Plus getting that Thursday night to see the church, Nieuwe Kerk is very efficient since normally we run out of touristy things to do at night. I also like the variety: different museums, some music, different places, different kinds of food, etc.

2. The vacation plan discusses possible accommodations: 9 points. Good information on the two hotels with details like location, breakfast, and service mentioned.

3. The vacation itinerary includes detailed information on activities (e.g. the attractions of a museum, the best hiking trail, the best restaurants, must see architecture, etc.): 18 points. Excellent work here with attractions in the British Museum, meal recommendations in restaurants, Evensong in Westminster Abbey, etc.

4. The vacation itinerary estimates the cost of activities (e.g. museum admission price, cost for dinner in a recommended restaurant, etc.): 5 points. From transportation to meals to attractions, good work in this area.

5. The vacation itinerary generated discussion on (readers left comments regarding the vacation plan): 3 points. I don’t know who Brook and her sister are, but they sort of saved this travel plan from getting shutout on the comments.

Total: 45 points. Since this is the highest grade I awarded, this is the winning entry in the travel writing contest for a 2006 summer vacation plan travel writing contest.

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