The Arenal volcanic spa, Cloud Forests, and Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Enjoy this story from a football fan catching the Giants playoff game while on Vacation in Costa Rica:

Just back from two beautiful weeks relaxing at the Arenal volcanic spa, the Cloud Forests and the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. While there this Giant fan was not going to miss the Playoff Game with the Panthers so here is a report for your amusement of what happened in Costa Rica.

We pulled into Montezuma, a sunny, dusty, dry beach town on the Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, at 3pm the day before the game in 95F weather. We had driven 7 hours from the Arenal Volcano overland – unwisely – instead of driving to Punterenas (about 2 hours) and taking the ferry to Paquera (about 1 1/2 hours) and then driving to Montezuma (another hour). Not only was the drive long, but only about an hour of driving took place on adequately paved roadway. Which means we bounced, jiggled, jogged and swerved along the road while raising many clouds of dust in our leetle Diatsu 4WD.

Well I walks into El Sano Banano, a bar on main street that doubles as our hotel reception area, rings the desk bell, and when the Tica comes out I tells her that I have a very serious issue that needs to be resolved for tommorrow before we can check in. I need to know where I can watch the very important American football game at 12 noon (Costa Rica is CST). Well the Tica (a very pretty Tica) tells me that I will have to talk to the manager sitting at the sidewalk table on dusty main street about this. Will the game be on ESPN?, he asks me when I pose my request. I tell him it will probably be on Fox. He tells me no problem, be here at El Sano Banano at noon tomorrow.

Our hotel room was a geodesic dome on the beach about a 10 minute drive from town. Surrounded by Palm trees, orchids, some tree that grew Ylang ylang flowers, three types of monkeys, 2 parrots, little furry creatures called agoutis, giant marine toads, an assorment of geckos, two rope hammocks and views of the turqoise surf pounding the beach. We had no phone, no clock, no TV, no AC, and when it got dark – a lot of stars – and nearby a very pleasant restaurant perched just off the beach lit maily by candles and fire poles.

The next morning after breakfast we strolled down the beach and over to main street, and there in front of El Sano Banano the manager had erected a handmade poster that hadn’t been there yesterday when we checked in announcing – NFL Playoffs Today at El Sano Banano – We walks in and at the back of the bar there was a 52″ LG flatscreen plasma TV – tuned into ESPN and a soccer match – which shortly after we sat down and ordered nachos and drinks – was switched to FOX and the game began shorlty thereafter – with Spanish speaking commentators.

Mi Amigos, I was a very happy man – I wouldn’t even have to listen to the moronic commentators narrating and belaboring the issues of the game! After the Giants lost, we walked out of El Sano Banano and went swimming.

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