The Bucket List

One of our readers, Jill, found this article on The Bucket List, a movie in which Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play cancer patients who end up traveling together.

According tot he article, if you and a partner were to imitate the trip it would cost the two of you $105,730. That includes $54,320 for 14 days on a private jet, $249 each for skydiving, $1,448 to $1,616 each for a night in Chateau de la Chevre d’Or, Eze, France, $10,465 per person for a safari, $1,299 each for China, $4,795 per person (first class) or $6,795 per person (deluxe) for India, $2,695 per person for Nepal, and $4,335 per person each for Egypt.

Now these are very expensive options. You could go to any of these places for a lot less (though the China price doesn’t seem too bad because it includes airfare).

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  1. Rita Cunningham says:

    I just saw this movie and thought it was excellent. Jack Nickelson and Morgan Freeman played their parts well and complimented each other in their roles. It provided some great laughs even though the out come was a sad one. Don’t we all wish to be able to afford some of the things we had always dreamed of doing when faced with such a limited time left on this earth.

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