The David Neeleman story

This is a very interesting read (though you will have to put up with quite a few ads on the page).

David Neeleman is best known for starting JetBlue, but that was his 3rd airline (he’s started 4). The first, Morris Air, he sold to Southwest and went to work for them but got fired. Then he started WestJet (not sure how he moved on to Jet Blue). Then JetBlue was 3rd and now he’s working on Azul (operating in Brazil where Neeleman was born).

Anyway, my summary skips lots of good details so I highly recommend the article.

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  1. Mary says:

    He pulled together a small group of people who built the first ticketless reservation system at Morris Air and started an airline ticketless reservation system company after Southwest while working on WestJet. He planned JetBlue while running the software company and as he worked with airlines worldwide seeing what worked and what didn’t in other parts of the world. He used that experience as a foundation for JetBlue.

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