The good and the bad

I don’t know if you’re in the mood for a rant about how bad flying is these days, but here you go anyway. You at least have to appreciate the proposed solution:

The one solution I can think of to all of these problems is for Congress to pass a law insisting that all airline CEOs fly on their airline’s longest flight in coach class once a week. After a few weeks, they’re bound to either make some changes or leave the airline business. I’d be happy to accept either outcome.

Airline issues dominate this travel Q&A.

On a happier note, this article starts off with a hilarious photo of a ‘Hello Kitty’ themed wedding in Japan. It then goes on to talk about destination weddings. The Hello Kitty couple is not the only crazy couple getting hitched:

She has had some bizarre requests. “Once we had a client ask if we could provide penguins for a wedding in Las Vegas. As you can imagine, that did not happen,” she says. A US groom-to-be once asked her to plan a surprise wedding in Florence and Thornton-Brown arranged everything from the location for the proposal to the bridal gown. “His unsuspecting girlfriend had no idea her holiday to Italy was going to be her wedding and honeymoon,” she says. “Thankfully, the big risk did pay off and the wedding was amazing.”

Here’s another happy vacation experience, and in some detail. The itinerary goes by time of day so we really get a feel for the painting vacation.

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