The importance of taking vacations

Here’s an article strongly recommending a “girls’ trip” (that’s what the author calls it – not being sexist I would have to say “a trip for women only” or something) because mother’s regular lives are so tough:

Mothers rarely have time to truly recharge. Sure, we work out, we sit down, sometimes we even go out with our friends for an evening. But when the break is over, we are back to the 24/7 duties that don’t end. Motherhood is a project that is never finished.

Not to say that mother’s don’t work hard, but the writing here has me a bit confused. They take breaks but still have 24/7 duties? It just doesn’t make sense. 24/7 means always on duty – no breaks.

But I do get it. Mothers need time away from their normal responsibilities. I’d say that’s true for everyone. We all need some vacation time. Using vacation time helps your health and doesn’t hurt your career. It could be Las Vegas like the author of our “girls’ trip” experienced. Or it could be something more exotic, maybe Ratha Jatra, the Festival of Chariots of Lord Jagannatha celebrated every summer (July 16, 2007) in Puri. Puri is a temple town in Orissa, India (on the east coast).

Your vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. That trip to India would probably cost a few bucks (at least the airfare). Soon I’ll be taking a long weekend to go to Cebu and stay in the Plantation Bay resort – you’ll see a review and pictures in this blog in late April. It will be a very expensive long weekend, but I’m working hard and could use a break. This USA Today article will show you how to take a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard for under $500/person.

If I can go back to my Cebu vacation for a moment, while I’m looking forward to a few days in a resort, there’s a part of me that wants to do something a little less touristy. I have the Manila to Palawan travel plan which is slightly less touristy. Banaue, in the province of Ifugao (in the mountainous Cordillera region of the Philippines) would certainly be a cooler story. Ilocos Sur, in the northern part of the Philippines, would also make me sound like more of a traveler.

Well, eventually I’ll do some real traveling. For now I just need a relaxing break so Cebu it is. No matter what your job is, make sure you take a break once in a while.

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  1. KIM HWA SHIN says:

    In last winter, I went to Hongkong with my friend. That might be the best travel that i ever had had. At that time we both really had a harsh time in thinking about our future such as searching a job and worrying about relationship with other people. There were no ways to solve these problems but travel. During travel, we saw the fantastic night view, enjoyed fancy mood taking a picture and laughing a lot. We could just get out of pressure and heavy stress immedietly. Arriving Korea, we had to go back in usual life, but our body and soul got much refreshed and concentrate our work well again.

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