The National Museum of Korea

On my friend’s third day in Korea, I took him to the National Museum of Korea (not to be confused with the National Museum at Kyungbokgung). The museum is at Ichon subway stop; take exit #2 and walk straight until you see the museum on your left.

We arrived at 11:00 and finished around 5:30. The museum closes at 6:00 but we managed to see pretty much everything although we did walk fairly quickly through much of the pottery.

Lunch at the museum was reasonable if you got the noodle soup (oo dong) for 3,500 but the ham sandwich for 4,000 wasn’t a great deal. We ate at the 1st floor cafeteria but we saw at least one other place to eat in the museum.

After walking around in the dim museum all day we were pretty tired so we postponed plans to go to Insadong and rented a Korean movie on DVD instead. Since DVDs come with English subtitles, we were able to follow along (if not completely understand) The King and the Clown. It was actually very interesting to see the King’s throne since we had seen it in the museum earlier.

Thanks to all the rain our plans to go hiking tomorrow are being cancelled. I’ll let you know what we end up doing…

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