The night I met a devil and an angel in LA

Here’s a travel horror story from one of my students:

It was my second day in America. I was nervous because I had never traveled alone before. I was staying at a cheap hotel near LAX but my friends were at another hotel.

I took the subway to the station nearest their hotel. Outside there were very few people, totally unlike the Hollywood streets I had seen before. I was scared so i walked as fast as I could while reading my map. The situation got worse and I saw fewer and fewer people. And I was lost.

I decided to take a taxi, but there were no taxis there. A car stopped in front of me and the man driving offered to take me for a ride, I couldn’t trust him though. But a few minutes later, when the next car stopped, I got in. I felt there was no other way.

He was kind at first and he looked at my map carefully. We talked and became friendly while he drove. But I knew something was wrong when we entered a quiet, residential area.

“How about coming home with me?” he asked. “It’s near here.”

I was so embarrassed. I told him I already had a hotel. He continued driving down the quiet, residential street. I thought I was going to die on my second day in America. I prayed.

Suddenly, he stopped the car and said he needed to look at the map again. I handed it to him, but he said he couldn’t see it. He got out of the driver’s seat and got in the backseat where I was sitting.

“I need to see the map here.” He tried to push me over and get in the backseat with me.

I pushed back in a panic. “Please don’t do this. I know you’re a good person. We just became friends. Don’t do this. Please let me go.”

We pushed each other for a few seconds. Maybe he didn’t want to use his strength or maybe I used my superpower; I finally managed to get out of the car with my belongings.

I couldn’t cry as I walked down the street, with even less idea where I was than when I was lost before.

An old man asked me what happened. I didnt trust him so I asked if he knew where the hotel was. He said it would take an hour and a half to walk there. He offered to drive me.

I felt helpless. I hesitated but what could I do? I got in his car. When we reached the hotel I must have thanked him a dozen times. I gave him a doll I had brought from Korea. He seemed happy and drove off. I sat down on a bench outside the hotel and cried. I cried a lot. That night I met a devil and an angel both.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I had a similar experience even though I was born in the U.S. Some years ago I decided to transfer with the government from Texas to L.A., primarily to be with my son and for a change. I went apartment hunting and took a taxi at the end of the hotel driveway. I didn’t pay much attention that it wasn’t a yellow cab, checker, etc. The driver took me to my destination in Palos Verdes, and said he would wait, but not run the meter. Well, that seemed odd, but I was in a hurry and agreed. When I got back in after 30 minutes, he took the wrong turn and was heading away from L.A. Stopped for gas, but then kept going. He then stopped off the road above the cliffs, got out of the cab, and told me to come and look at the view. By this time, I was scared to death. I told him I needed to get back to the hotel immediately & that my son was waiting for me. I sat with my hand inside my purse to make him think maybe I had a gun (which I didn’t). I made it back but he acted very weird, steadily tapping his hand on the cab window the whole way…angry look on his face. Even now, I think I might see him on America’s Most Wanted…I just know he was dangerous. Learned my lesson though…don’t get in strange cabs, let the hotel call one for you. My son spent the night…I was so afraid the guy might return and find my room….

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