The Pujie Girls: Planking for tourism, stray dogs, and bizarre photo ops

When I saw a news headline on the front page of Yahoo about planking for tourism and stray dogs, I had to check it out. I had no idea what planking was (although I do know about plank, the exercise and am a firm believer in the importance of exercise since having a strong back and other body parts makes traveling easier) but I like tourism and I like rescuing stray dogs.

Here’s the article – or at least a version of it since I couldn’t find the Yahoo one again – and you see a pair of Taiwanese women lying face down in front of some cool-looking building that I don’t think I saw when I was in Taiwan (the article doesn’t name the building in the picture). Apparently these women are planking and using the resulting pictures to draw attention to various tourist attractions (the article doesn’t expand on the stray dogs). It seems like an interesting way to pose for a photo.

This plank is slightly different from the exercise plank I know – in mine you are on your toes and elbows rather than your toes and face. I did try this new plank on my face to see how tough it would be – it is pretty tough because there’s a lot of pressure on your neck when most of your weight is on your forehead. I don’t know if it’s good for strengthening your neck or just extra pressure where you don’t want it but it makes for a dramatic photo I guess. Of course if you let the entire front of your body rest on the ground instead of just your toes and face the challenge should be pretty minimal.

EDIT – Now that I look at some more pictures of planking – it does seem to be the norm to allow your upper body to rest on the ground – I guess I’m lucky I didn’t break my neck doing it my way.

One of the Pujie girls planking with a stray dog in Thailand (I think).

The article also mentioned the dangers of planking. I didn’t think they meant the pressure on your neck so I searched for some more stuff on planking. This article discusses it and shows someone planking on the ledge of a highrise building. Yeah, that could be dangerous. In fact, it can be fatal.

But planking in general? If my wife doesn’t kick me while I’m down (for getting dirty), I could see planking in front of a cool tourist destination or something for a photo.

Planking takes a travel photo and makes it kind of unique – at least for now – if planking really gets popular it may no longer do the trick.

Planking has the less confusing but also less cool sounding name of “lying down game” as well.

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  1. DHarri says:

    The dogs seem to be welcoming as to express a wanting for human companionship as if to say hey what are you up to, oh well I’ll just lay here with you and see what happens. This person has even gotten the attention of Sylvester the cat in the background acting crazy with excitement coming to see what all of the fuss is about.

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