Things For Couples To Do In Florida

Florida is one of the greatest places in America, and every year millions of domestic and international tourists travel to the sunshine state to experience the best beaches, food, attractions and south-eastern culture. Florida is also an amazing place to visit with your partner, and there are a number of spectacular sights to see and things to do.

Take Orlando for example. 1971 saw the gates of The Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney’s children paradise creation, open to rapturous applause, not only placing Florida on the entertainment map, but also making Orlando the number one resort for young families everywhere. Let’s take a look at some of the best things for couples to do in Florida, and see whether you can be persuaded to book a holiday to this fantastic destination!

Romantic Adventures

Real romance means finding beautiful, tranquil and special landscapes to serenade your wife or husband – and where better to see such places then from a hot air balloon flying high above Florida! Not only will you be able to enjoy amazing horizons and warm breezes, but there are a number of optional extras offered by the local hot air balloon companies to make your experience that little bit more special. From one to four hour excursions, to champagne toasts and video recordings of your flight, a hot air balloon ride over Florida is a great way to introduce yourself to the sunshine state.

Fresh Fruit and Fresh Air

If you’re looking to take a stroll with your other half, then why not visit the Orlando Farmer’s Market, one of the most vibrant and cultured places in the entire state. If you’re catering for yourself on your holiday to Florida, then this market is a great place to source out the finest and freshest ingredients for your meals.

Benefiting from live entertainment all through the market, from street performers to bands and artists, shopping for fresh fruit, vegetables and meats has never been so much fun. Furthermore, the farmer’s market is also a great place to buy fabrics and other arts and crafts materials!

Dinner at the Theatre

Usually couples have dinner before their evening entertainment, but when it comes to the theatres in Florida, they offer nothing less than an entire evenings service, looking after all aspects of your night. Although there is a lot of evening entertainment competition in Florida, the dinner theatres are one of the best ways to spend some time with your loved one, while experiencing some of the best dishes and wines in the state too. From Pirates Dinner Theatre to Al Capone’s, interactive theatres are located all over Orlando, and they offer the best entertainment as well as the best evening meal menus.

Dolphin Training

If you want to surprise your loved one with an experience they’ll never forget, then why not book a day of dolphin training! The ‘Trainer For A Day’ program offered by Florida’s Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive experience with your own dolphin, and with the help of a trainer, you’ll be able to work one to one with one of the world’s most amazing sea creatures. From swimming to feeding, and even talking with the dolphins, this is truly an unforgettable experience.

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