Things I’d like to do and places I’d like to stay in California

So I was reading Reader’s Digest Off the Beaten Path because I’m going to review it tomorrow. It’s going to get a good review. I mean it’s $30 for a hardcover with nice color photos and good content while we’re used to paying $20 or more for much lower quality (not hardcover) travel books.

Anyway, I was reading up on some California stuff and somehow I ended up thinking about that California travel plan a while back written by Kiwi Collection because they wanted to show off some of the best hotels in California. The general outline for that itinerary is San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Carmel by the Sea, San Luis Obispo, and LA.

Off the Beaten Path has the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and Museum. Frankly it’s hard to believe that any National Park is off the beaten track in San Francisco but who knows?

Then in Santa Cruz, we have Natural Bridges State Beach. The picture looks awesome though, again, it’s hard to imagine a beach in Santa Cruz that isn’t packed with tourists.

Anyway, I’m thinking that anyone could use this book to find some different things to add to a vacation itinerary.

Meanwhile, I wanted to make this entry a little longer so I checked out the Kiwi Collection’s hotels in San Francisco. The St. Regis San Francisco says it is 5+ stars and $450 – $10,000 a night. That puts it in the category of some of the world’s most expensive hotels, of which I have stayed at none.

But Kiwi Collection includes San Francisco hotels that coast as little as $140/night according to that page I linked to above. If you’re curious, the hotels in LA don’t go up to 10 grand even though they have their own 5+ star hotel in Hotel Bel-Air ($385 – $4,000/night).

Anyhow, between the pictures and travel tips in Off the Beaten Path and the lure of hotels I can’t afford I should be pretty busy tonight.

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