Thinking about Rome again

Many of you know how much I like Italy. I spent my honeymoon mostly in Rome and Assisi and have a trip kind of planned to Bologna. And I may retire in Italy.

So anyway, I was checking out this site on Rome apartments and noticed they had a blog about life in Italy. Since I may retire there I figured I should give it a read.

I mention it here because it’s not really a blog about life in Italy – it’s more aimed at people traveling to Italy. There’s advice on restaurants in Rome (though they lose points for not mentioning Pizza Re), public transportation in Venice, sightseeing in Rome and Venice, etc.

As for the apartments, they show you prices per night. I didn’t notice any under 100 euros/night but I guess you’re not going to find many hotels under 100 euros either. The price per week on the ones I checked wasn’t discounted at all and at that rate the price per month would really hurt.

I know things are different now than they were in 2001 but back then we stayed in a nice little flat on Via Dei Serpenti where we could see the Coliseum if we stuck our heads out the window and looked to the right. It was about 3 million lira or $1500 per month. I understand the euro has made things a lot more expensive, especially in US dollars. The apartments here seem to be for shorter term stays (minimum 3 nights on one I looked at) but if you wanted to save money by doing some cooking (maybe cook breakfast and either lunch or dinner so you eat out one meal per day) I’m pretty sure it would be cheaper than a regular hotel.

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