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Although this site is about travel plans, and I prefer to ahve some sort of plan when I travel I have always admired the more adventurous people who just go places.

Harold Stephens has been to the Australian outback and met Aborigines and lived with the Negritos (tribe) in the Malay jungle. But perhaps what impressed me the most was that he hitched across the Pacific (from Tahiti to Singapore) on schooners.

His books get good reviews on Amazon: The Last Voyage: The Story of Schooner Third Sea and Who Needs a Road: The Story of the Longest and Last Motor Journey Around the World are two examples.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Everyday something comes before me that has to do with Australia,an image ,a book ,a Snapple cap,shopping for Tea tree oil for my daughters skin>>>It comes from “downunder”<<<I did not know that.Just now I clicked on”This guy knows how to travel”cause for some reason it was on my home page and once again BAM! theres my Australia! Its strange.One more thing~~~ Im so in love with someone who is from Oz.I sure hope one day I will get the chance to meet him.He does not even know that Im alive but he will soon find out!!

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