This Russian tourist is not easily impressed

I really enjoyed these pictures and captions. Vitaly Zelkovsky is a Russian tourist who scowls in his photos and adds funny captions like:

“Day 23: Eiffel Tower successfully photographed. Still no feelings.”

And, “Day 15: Milan cathedral. I feel a space where inspiration and awe should be.”

And, “Day 19: House of the Blackheads in Riga. Head is wetter than usual.”

So if you’re sense of humor is anything like mine, follow the link above and check out these pictures with their captions. I don’t know if I’m just laughing at a cultural difference (I’m told that Russians don’t usually smile for photos) or if Vitaly Zelkovsky is making me laugh on purpose, but either way I appreciate it. Click on the thumbnail below for the bigger picture – I know I’d be smiling if I were there.


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