Timeshare vacation clubs: points instead of weeks

The nice thing about timeshares and condotels is that you get a place to spend your vacation without the hassle of a vacation home (no insurance for example). However with timesahres and condotels you’re kind of stuck vacationing in one place (although timeshare owners can pay to join something like RCI).

Now companies like Marriott Vacation Club International let members purchase points. At Mariott, the points can be used at 46 resorts worldwide. This article speaks very highly of the point system because it allows for greater flexibility than traditional timeshares:

In the last decade, the concept has expanded again and a growing number of companies now sell time-shares as memberships in vacation clubs, which give members access to resorts under a variety of plans.

Time-share vacation clubs sell consumers points, which can be redeemed for access to various types of accommodations and resorts. The number of points needed to stay at a resort varies according to the length of stay, size of the unit, location of the resort and time of year.

Points also can be used toward airfare, hotel stays, cruises, spa vacations and even rental cars.

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  1. Marian Hill says:

    Good article but please check your spelling.

  2. James Trotta says:

    Thanks, I’m fixing the errors.

  3. Byron says:

    The problem with points in the timeshare business is that they can be changed from year to year by resort developers, managers and owners causing your membership to become devalued or forcing you to buy additional points from the timeshare membership or resort you want to visit. The advantage of weeks is that you have a fixed cost for a fixed week anywhere in the system. To book a R.C.I. resort do so 1 year to 2 years in advance or call back 2-3 times aday as the inventory changes as members bank their weeks. The additional problem in the timeshare industry is resorts renting out 25% to 50% of their suites and saying to timeshare members they have no availability (after they promised that all suites would be available 51 weeks of the year in their presentations for members verbal promises are worthless:get it in a contract).

    What the timeshare industry needs is membership loss insurance guaranteeing consumer rights and replacement value,fixed contracts & regulation by the real estate divisions of the government and worldwide treaties enforced to protect consumers(Members) from some of the sleazy, disreputable, and unethical scam artists that ruin the timeshare business for the majority of honest resorts!

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