Tips for a Memorable Island Stay in Menorca

As with many of the islands that are dotted around the Mediterranean, Menorca has a rich and colourful history that visitors to the island can explore. A quick scan of Menorca’s history will show you that it was occupied by a varied amount of people from the Romans, Carthaginians, Moors and British which accounts for its diverse culture that has been left behind.

The island has been popular with holiday goers looking for some sunshine since the 1950’s and over the years has still remained a favourite amongst tourists from all over the world. This is due to the fact that even though it has become increasingly popular, the island has not lost its charm that helps make a trip here just a little bit different from other places.

Here are some tips to really get the most out of your trip to Menorca.

Soak Up the Culture

Menorca is home to lots of beautiful beaches which are extremely tempting to spend your holiday on just relaxing and enjoying the sun. If you did this you would be missing out on some of Menorca’s rich historical landmarks that date back as far as 2,000 years.

Ciutadella and Mahon are two of the largest towns on the island and were founded by the Carthaginians when they occupied the island. Exploring these towns will lead you to some brilliant architecture such as the magnificent Arabian palace and the famous 18th century military governor’s palace.

While you are wandering through the streets of Ciutadella, be sure to visit the fantastically preserved burial site there while you can also visit the En Goumes Tower in Alaior for a feeling that you have been transported to the past when they were still functioning.

Get Off the Beaten Track

If you are brave enough to wander around some the villages and towns on the island that are not on beaten track, you will be rewarded with experiences many people will never discover. If you do not have enough time then you can consider going on guided tours or day trips around the main attractions and some tours even take you to various quaint fishing villages where will be able to sample some of the locally caught and cooked cuisine.

For those who do not like the idea of following a tour guide for some of your holiday then you can always hire a car and explore the villages at your own pace. Visit for Menorca flight deals and save yourself some money to make the most of your holiday.


Other regions of Spain throw brilliant festivals that people look forward to all year round. If you plan to travel around the summer months you might just catch one of these colourful fiestas and the St. Joan Festival is held on the island at the end of June in Ciutdella. This is widely considered to be one of the best fiestas of the season so try not to miss it should you be on the island around the right time.

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