Toilets in Europe including squat toilets (or Turkish toilets or Asian toilets)

Thank you to Pieternel for forwarding me this article (which I otherwise would have missed) with tips on finding toilets in Europe. I know that in Amsterdam I saw more men peeing on the streets than I’ve seen anywhere else in the world. I guess that’s what happens when even McDonalds charges you to use the bathroom.

Anyway, in this article Rick Steves shows us that travel writers don’t only handle the glorious topics. I’ve heard people complain about Paris and the lack of toilets but when my wife and I were there we often saw toilets on the sidewalks. The article I link to above says they cost you a few coins but I don’t remember that – I think we used them for free in Paris.

But the biggest surprise of the article was the mention of Turkish toilets that, from the description, sound exactly like Asian toilets. Rick Steves says they are around but I’ve never seen one in Europe. Maybe when I head to Turkey for a week in Istanbul my luck will change. In Korea we still have Asian style squat toilets but mostly you’ll find western toilets. In China it seems the opposite is true considering that Koreans put up this sign to deal with Chinese tourists who misused western toilets.

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  1. Pieternel Goeres says:

    Oh, you still can find plenty of “Turkish” or “Asian” toilets in the french “deep” country … Even in older rest stops on the highways you’ll find them…

    Btw. we have lots of snow here too, and planes cancelled !

    First white Xmas in ages ! NICE…

  2. Rita Vaughn says:

    I lived in Europe for 2 yrs in the early 70’s and I saw that also. You could be driving down the autobaun and see men pee on the side of the road…UCK!!! When I was in MontiCarlo I could even see them pee walking up to the castle….Why would they do that? They didn’t have a law against it….

  3. Jim says:

    I assume they have laws in the Netherlands but maybe people don’t get caught that often – they certainly didn’t look like they were trying to hide it.

    White Christmas = awesome. Our snow came the day after but still very nice. But 20 inches may have been overdoing it a tad.

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