Tokyo Day 1: Harujuku & Shibuya

So far Tokyo has been great.

It’s very interesting to just walk around and people watch. Our first day we checked into the hotel and then went to Yoyogi Park in Harujuku for the flea market. That was mostly done by the time we arrived but I managed to buy a Japanese style shirt and pants set.

We also saw some young Elvis impersonators dancing, some Hoolahoop girls, some bboys, and a live concert that had attracted a decent and fairly energetic (especially considering the sun and heat) crowd.

We also saw a few “Harujuku girls” but it was pretty hot so most of them probably stayed home or opted for normal shorts and T-shirt ensembles.

Then we slowly walked back to Shibuya station, 1 stop away, where our hotel is. That took hours as we stopped at a few shops and made a few wrong turns. Back in the Shibuya area we got some sushi from a place recommended in my wife’s Korean guidebook “Enjoy Tokyo” – it took us an hour to find the place so I’m not offering directions. Each person had to eat 7 plates in 30 minutes or less and each plate was 120 yen. I’m no expert but I do eat sushi occasionally and this seemed like good quality and certainly not as expensive as I expected Tokyo sushi to be. Shikijihonten might be the English spelling.

Then next to Shibuya Station we went to the statue of Hachiko (spelling may be off) which was a Japanese movie remade by Hollywood starring Richard Gere. The movie is based on a true story of an amazingly loyal dog who has his own statue now. He used to come to Shibuya every day to meet his master. When his master didn’t come home one day (he died) the dog kept waiting for his owner. Eventually his family moved with the dog but he escaped and moved into Shibuya Station permanently as I understand the story. I haven’t seen either movie…

After that it was more walking around Shibuya and doing a little shopping.

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