Tokyo Day 2: Shibuya from Mos Burger to Starbucks above Scrumple Intersection to sushi

We woke up at 5:30 AM on our second day in Tokyo because the hotel gym costs over $20 after 6:30. So we worked out and then ate breakfast which we had bought the night before at 7-11 (the hotel breakfast is $40/person or so). For me that meant yogurt, and cold noodles – it was good enough.

Then what was supposed to be a short nap ended with us waking up at 11:00 or 11:30 and leaving the hotel around noon. The only problem with that is that from noon to 4 or so Tokyo is very hot and sunny.

For lunch we went to Mos Burger, a Japanese fast food place. It was interesting to see a different style of fast food and the taste was OK.

After that we went to some shops. The second hand shops and Tower Records I found pretty interesting. The department stores my wife wanted to go to were sometimes filled with interesting Japanese stores but other times just the normal designer brands you see everywhere. There were some Vertu cell phones that had diamonds and stuff but I wasn’t going to lay out $10,000 for a new phone.

Wealso stopped for a bit at what I guess is the busiest intersection in the world, Scrumble Intersection by Shibuya Station. There’s a Starbucks overlooking the place but you have to wait for a seat by the window. We did and enjoyed watching the people for a while, including a few of the young women wearing crazy outfits that Japan is famous for.

Dinner was sushi again but a different place. This one was less crowded and didn’t rush you (no 7 plates in 30 minutes rule). The types of sushi they had were a bit different too but I’d say about as good as the one from the previous night. Each plate was 120 yen although they said they had more expensive ones (I didn’t see any).

Eventually we’ll have to go to a museum or a temple or something but for now just walking around Shibuya is pretty interesting. Actually tomorrow is a cycling tour that includes a couple of shrines, a temple, a fish market, Tokyo Bay, and the emperor’s house.

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