Tokyo day 7: shopping in Shibuya and figuring out the damage

We checked out of the hotel, asked them to look after our luggage, and walked a few minutes to the Shibuya shopping area. We started at Shibuya 109, the place we ended at last night, because my wife had to exchange something that was a bit damaged. Luckily we had no problem but many places in Tokyo have signs that say no refunds or exchanges which I find very weird. Anyway, you want to check your things carefully before leaving the store.

After that we went to Shibuya 109 2 (for men) which is actually mostly for women. The top 3 floors have some interesting men’s fashion but most of it is kind of expensive. I had decided the night before that I should get a cool little man bag because my fanny pack was just not cool enough for Tokyo and looked extremely touristy. Plus it was designed for hiking.

I did find a little half-backpack thing for about 3,000 yen but my wife made me wait to see if we found something better.

We did find something better in the next place, some department store that had a couple of Takeo Kikuchi shops among other things. Better but also about 8,000 yen. I guess that’s the price I pay to look a little bit cooler. I also got a Takeo Kikuchi shirt, another 8,000 yen or so making it by far the most I’ve ever paid for a shirt.

The last thing we did in Tokyo was get lunch in some food building with a different restaurant on each floor. My wife had sashimi but I was getting a bit tired of raw fish and went for the steak. We both enjoyed our meals. I had briefly thought about getting some Kobe beef or something while in Japan but when I went online to find a good recommendation the prices (someone said $100 for 100 grams) changed my mind.

Well the real last thing we did was go to Grom near Scrumble for some excellent gelatto. I personally loved the milk and mint flavor – some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.

And that was it. A bus from the hotel to the airport and a short flight later we were back in Seoul heading to the vet to pick up our dogs (one of whom had, according to a text message we got from the vet, started to get a little depressed while in the kennel. Everyone is fine now though!

All in all, it was a good vacation and a pretty good experience of one of the world’s most famous cities. It wasn’t cheap but it wasn’t any more expensive than traveling around Europe if you ask me. We used miles for the flights but estimate that the hotel was about $1,500 while food was about $400-500 (figure about $10-15 each for lunch and dinner, $5 each for a cold noodle breakfast at 7-11, and lots of snacks). Public transportation was under $50 as we walked a lot and never took a taxi. Plus flying into Haneda instead of Narita helped as Haneda is much closer to Tokyo. The bike tour was about $250 (125 each). Taxis to and from Gimpo airport in Seoul were $20 each way and the kennel was about $35 a night.

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