Tourism marketing: Two nation vacations in Maine and New Brunswick, Zimbabwe

Why not hit Maine in the US and New Brunswick in Canada on a vacation? New Brunswick and Maine tourism officials are working on promoting this “two nation vacation”.

Zimbabwe also needs to work on its marketing, and hopes to learn a thing or two from Indonesia. Zimbabwe thinks of itself as “Africa’s Paradise” and has “vast tracts of land under wildlife, which is the backbone of the lucrative tourism products.” Apparently that means you can hike, canoe, or see elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, rhinoceros and buffalo on safari.

Grenada’s tourism minister is also hard at work:

“We are going to sign another contract with Excel Airways, starting service from November 1 and continuing on a weekly basis. We’ve also signed an agreement with Condor out of Germany, and we are signing contracts with British Airways and Virgin for continued service up to 2008.”

So we can get there, but I still don’t know what to do in Grenada.

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