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Here’s a press release that I thought was worth sharing. I don’t know anything about this company, Harlem Spirituals, but I do know that too few people understand Harlem. People all over the world are scared of Harlem – I know a restaurant in Jinju (a small city in South Korea) where on the wall in completely broken English they have a few lines of text about a woman who had never cried but broke down in tears the first time she saw Harlem.

I guess that’s the problem. People don’t understand or know Harlem. And yes, terrible city planning has left some areas dangerous but that doesn’t mean tourists need to ignore the entire area.

Anyway, here is the press release:

How would you like to travel back in time and see New York City through the eyes of an African-American? What was it like during Dutch colonialism in the 17th Century? How did New Yorkers aid slaves seeking freedom through the Underground Railroad? Did jazz legends Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie live in Harlem? If not, where did they live?

All of these points of interest and many more are being offered as part of an African-American Heritage tour by Harlem Spirituals, a leader in NYC’s specialty tour and travel industry for 25 years. This tour is only being offered during the month of February in honor of Black History Month. And if anyone knows how to give a tour of Harlem, it’s Harlem Spirituals. After all, their 2008 African-American Heritage tours are built upon tours for which this company won a White House award in 2000.

Prices and dates for these special tours are as follows:

African-American Heritage NYC all-day (9:30am to 4:30pm) with lunch: $99 per adult, $89 per child. Tour available on Saturday, February 9th and Saturday, February 23rd.

African-American Heritage NYC Harlem tour plus soul food brunch (9:30am to 2:30pm): $79 per adult, $69 per child. Tour available on Saturday, February 16th.

In addition to offering educational tours of cultural value that allow thousands of visitors to experience the rich culture of Harlem, the company also provides tours to many of the historical multiethnic neighborhoods in and around New York City. Recently the company was featured in an Associated Press article as part of travel story featuring Harlem tourism.

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  1. Alberto Fernandes says:


    TripAdvisor gave me your contact and I would like to report what happened me last March when visiting New York. I used exactly TripAdvisor because I wanted to watch jazz in Haarlem. It came immediately to my attention Harlem Heritage Tours, which seemed to be the best tour operator for that purpose. I contacted them through their site ( and paid $250 for 2 people end of March. On the day of the tour I phoned them to confirm and Mr. Neal Shoemaker told me that the tour had been cancelled but he would refund what I had paid. After one month or so, nothing. I sent several email to them and finally they answered with many excuses and promising to refund that amount immediately. Obviously they did not and I sent another email informing Mr. Shoemaker that I would try everything to get my money back or at least advert other tourists against him. And sent a report to TripAdvisor which was published. Some days later I saw that TripAdviser was fuuk of new reports giving Harlem Heritage Tours incredible good marks. See hao far goes this Mr. Neal Shoemaker to defraud people! (

    If you want I have emails from them to me and from me to them which prove what I am telling you.

    Please let me know if you want those details.

    Best regards,

    Alberto Cruz Fernandes

    Rua Carlos Anjos 885 — Amoreira

    2645-178 Alcabideche

    Phone: +351968058609

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