Transportation to and in Las Vegas

Many low-cost airlines fly to Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport (LAS). People I know have had good expereinces with jetBlue Airways. At the airport, a 10 dollar shuttle-bus takes vacationers to The Strip, the Convention Center, and downtown Las Vegas. Taxis are easy to pick up and the 24-hour Las Vegas Monorail (5 dollars a trip, 15 dollars a day pass) has 7 stops within the city.

Purple mini-buses leave the Hard Rock at the top of each hour from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. They only make a few stops, but you can flag them down between stops. Check out the comfortable seats (fake leopard fur) and enjoy the rock music.

Taxis start at 3.20 and naturally go up from there. There are city buses, but I never try to figure out buses. You might check with your hotel to see if there’s a bus from the hotel to the Strip or wherever it is you want to go. A one-way fare on the Strip is $2 (route 301); off-Strip fares are $1.25 one way. Strip routes run 24 hours. There are also double decker buses and a trolley.

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