Travel advice – the Florida Keys

I recently got some tips on visiting the Florida Keys. I have no immediate plans to visit Key West but someone reading this might and the people who had been there were giving free advice so I took notes. Please leave a comment if you can add something.

Places to visit:

Islamorada. Great for fishing and drinking but also, if you have younger kids, the Sea Theater in Islamorada is well worth a visit.

Marathon stands out as a beautiful, relaxing and family-oriented place.

There is a Fort in Key West that’s pretty good and the Western Union Schooner is another nice attraction.

Restaurant recommendations:

Sarabeth’s is good. Try the tomato soup (that may sound weird but you’ll be glad you did) it’s unbelievable! 530 Simonton Street.

Duffy’s is also excellent and inexpensive in comparison to the other Key West restaurants of the same type. 1007 Simonton street. Not sure why it doesn’t get better reviews.

Places to stay:

The Pier House right at the end of Duval St. The resort itself is beautiful. They have a very small beach.and it’s actually pretty quiet. They do have a section for topless bathing and they do make an excellent pina colada . The hotel across the street has a pier with music and bar food. The Sunset Celebration is close. The charter boats are a short walk. You can rent a jet ski and got a tour around Key West by water.

The only other think I know is this biker thing I mentioned a while back and that there’s an undersea hotel (mentioned very briefly in the article I link to) but you have to be a scuba diver to stay there.

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  1. Linda Maher says:

    For a restaurant – Blue Heaven on Thomas St. in Key West. How Key West was back in the day.

    For a Bar – Safari Lounge in Islamorada MM 72- locals call it The Dead Animal Bar- “where the extinct meet to drink”

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    I will tell you about all the different places to stay, fun activities, shopping, restaurants&bars, and anything else you can think of doing while in Key West! I am your “Island Concierge Extraordinaire!”

  3. dan occonner says:

    Be careful where you park, especially at the post office. Their charges for towing, are bordering on criminal. $230.00 for a tow, and 100.00 per dat storage. Skip Key West, go to the other Keys its a big ripoff. The city is run by crooks.

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