Travel around the world by cruise or combination (flight, car, cruise, train)?

I was searching for some around the world cruise posts from this blog because I know I haven’t thought about an around the world cruise in a while and I want to keep track of my dreams (one dream being to travel slowly all around the world).

While searching I found this thing from over 5 years ago, a walk around the world for charity. And this one from Elmer who I don’t even remember. And this one about doing it with kids over the course of a year.

If you’re more interested in pampering yourself, though, a cruise around the world might be your thing. I could have sworn I had something about that on this site but I gave up looking. It was much easier to find world cruises elsewhere. The cruises on that page go from 70 nights to 104 nights and the prices don’t seem all that bad (6,000 – 9,000 GBP per person) when they can give the price. Naturally the ones that say call for price are scary.

For a shorter taste of the same thing, or perhaps for a combination of flying, driving, taking the train, and cruising around the world, transatlantic cruises might work well. How awesome would it be to fly from Korea to Anchorage (in the summer), drive south and east to New York to visit the family, take an 8 day transatlantic cruise from New York to South Hampton, switch to train travel while working through Europe, eventually ending up on one of the long train rides from Moscow to Vladivostok (stopping on the way to see the sights of course), and then flying from Vladivostok back to Seoul?

I bet it’d be pretty awesome. How long – maybe six months? How much – maybe $20,000 per person? If only we had six months, 40 grand, and a dog-friendly option…

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