Travel baragins waiting for us in 2010?

I like this prediction that 2010 will be a great year for travel deals and discounts.

They say that early 2010 is probably the best time to book a cruise. They say that airfares will probably not increase much in 2010. They say that hotels will need to offer discounts for the entire year. They say that with corporations trying not to act extravagant that there are bargains for first class flights and at upscale resorts.

They do warn that airlines and hotels will try to add fees for extra services so we have to watch out for that. And they do warn that the article could be wrong. But I hope the article spot on and you can bet I’ll be watching!

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  1. As a travel agent of 17+ years, I do believe rates will remain ‘great’ and flat. But I also am seeing a lot of disappointed travelers who think there are amazing bargains during holidays/spring breaks etc. So many cruises and hotels are already sold out, as well as my tours for next year. I believe the client should lock in what they want and find a good travel agent who will watch out for sales or better offers and switch the client into those when they can. I have done this numerous times for Alaska and Hawaii, and changed the rates 3+ times as they dropped, but the clients still kept their room they wanted. The only way to stay on top is to be flexible. If you know what you want and when you want to go, don’t hesitate.

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