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Not too long ago I wrote a bit about Thailand. After Thailand I went to Kuala Lumpur. This is a great city. First of all everyone speaks English. In Thailand, the taxi drivers usually couldn’t read a card in English (or understand what you were saying) making it tough to get around. No problem in Kuala Lumpur.

Plus Kuala Lumpur seemed just as cheap as Bangcock and cheaper than Hua Hin. You don’t get those wild temples, but you get really neat architecture including mosques and Islamic/colonial buildings. The train station is amazing (the old one, not the new one). We ate mostly Indian and Chinese food. I drank lots of Milo.

Taxis are extremely cheap, and drivers speak English. Sometimes they don’t want to use the meter, but we had pretty good luck asking “Do you use the meter?” Most drivers didn’t want to say “no”. Then we always tipped them for being honest. If a driver wouldn’t use the meter, we just asked another. There are lots of taxis.

My wife and I are already planning our next trip to Kuala Lumpur. The Petronas Towers are neat and free. KL tower is 15 ringgit or about $4. The Bird park was 25 ringgit or about $6, but the surrounding Lake Garden is free. All those things are worth doing.

Next time we’re going to see more mosques (we only saw the National Mosque) and museums. We’ll also try harder to find Malay food (but I think we had some our first night).

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