Travel gear advice needed

I could use some help.

With my wife’s birthday coming up and then Christmas a few weeks after that I’ve started thinking about presents. Since we like to travel I was thinking there must be some cool travel gear I can get her. On this site I’ve talked about space bags (practical but does that make them a good gift?), travel socks, and luggage stickers.

I’ve also been thinking about sleep masks / eye shades or nice earphones for noise reduction and because my wife like to listen to music or watch an in-flight movie or two when we fly. I’ve heard that Bose makes the best earphones. I’m not sure about the sleep mask – maybe Nikken?

Any ideas would be welcome!

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Presents……. I love to travel too….. and so does my husband. The best present either of us have given each other has been the gift of travel. I have taken my husband on a cruise for 3 of his birthdays. Our first one, suprised the daylights out of him, because we had never been on a cruise before, then the 2nd one, was for his 50th birthday…(because it was a major birthday, and I took our kids, their spouses and our grandson) then this last birthday, was just because he voiced a few days before his birthday, that he had been looking at cruises and was hoping we could go again for his birthday this year.

    For Christmas he has gotten me a trip to Hawaii. We did not go at Christmas….. He put a copy of the itinerary in a card that I opened on Christmas morning. He planned it for during my birthday the following April. Thus making my birthday very special too!

    We love to travel. The gear is neither here nor there. :o) Though it does make it more comfortable. Especially a neck pillow, so if you dose off on the plane, your head doesn’t wobble around. :o)

    I am sure she will like what ever you pick though. It’s from you.

  2. Sharon says:

    I think Bose is probably the best, although Quiet Point is rated highly too, and less expensive. You might check out, for some other travel gift ideas, or even sharper image. Don’t know much about sleep masks,but agree that Nikken sounds like the best.

  3. doug says:

    I guess it really depends upon what kind of traveling you do… roller bags and downtown american hotels or carry-on and the metro/underground type of travel. I’m one of the carry-on types.

    I personally wouldn’t get caught dead in a new city without a good map (preferably, plastic laminated, and showing public transportation lines) and a decent quality compass (on a lanyard so I won’t lose it). I’d add a 2 AA cell mini maglight flashlight for reading at night and for general travel purposes. I’d also look into over the shoulder travel bags for snacks and books on the plane and travel guide, compass, flashlight, sunblock, etc. on the ground. Don’t put anything in it you wouldn’t want to lose because such bags are magnets for thieves in places like Rome, Madrid and Lisbon.

    Did I mention that there is almost never any reason to carry your passport if you are not actually in transit?

    Have fun

  4. Johanna says:

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    Their website is On it you can find photos, press kits, etc. If you are interested in featuring their products or learning more about them, I would be happy to send over samples as well.

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  5. Jill says:

    My husband is definitely NOT a gadget kind of guy, and he only travels with one carry-on, preferably a backpack. However, he now has to travel once a month or so for work, and I bought him the Eagle Creek pack-it folder and a set of packing cubes. Once he broke down and used them, he declared them the best travel tools ever. His dress shirts and pants go into his small carry-on and come out without a wrinkle. He even used them two weeks ago for our casual weekend getaway. They are well worth the cost. You can get them at Magellans, but I found a better price on

  6. SC Lee says:

    I think comfort matters most when it comes to traveling overseas. You don’t go on a trip to get stressed or feel uncomfortable unless you go on a business trip to attend meetings and conventions. In other words, you go on a trip to relax, chill and see new things. Comfort matter the most. Whenever I travel overseas, I would never forget to bring a pair of slippers with me. I would wear them on the plane of course, with my socks on not to provoke any other passengers on the flight. Think about it, wearing your shoes for 6~7 hours on the flight….it would be so uncomfortable. And try not to take too many clothes with you as they can be a burden to you. You don’t go there for a fashion show. Besides, you always end up bringing back more stuff after trips….souvenirs.

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