Travel gear updates: Sony, Ubrand & Travel Chic

I first wrote about Ubrand luggage labels over 2 years ago. I recently bought a pair of black Samsonites and put my “Stick Tagz” on them. Mine says JT and my wife got the paw print. Well we traveled From new York to Seoul, Seoul to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to paris, Paris to Luxembourg, Luxembourg to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Seoul. The luggage labels seem to be pretty good quality – no signs that they’ll be coming off any time soon.

They are also pretty helpful when it comes to making our luggage easier to identify. The only complaint is that my wife’s paw print is red and white. Somewhere along the line the white part got some dirt smudges and this kind of bothers my wife. I think we’re happy with them overall though I think my wife will be avoiding white in the future.

One not so positive note is that we ended up throwing out our Travel Chic handle wrap. The little monkey face made it easy to identify the first time we used it. The second time the ticket agent said we should remove it. We figured if we wouldn’t be bale to use anyway there was no real point in keeping it.

One of these days I’ll be writing a more comprehensive review of our new camera, a Sony Cybershot with their “exmor” technology. My wife loved taking panoramic pictures and she loved that you can take pictures in low light without the flash. We haven’t quite figured out the focus yet as you can see in the picture from Angelina’s but we’ll work on that a bit longer before finalizing the review. Overall we’re very happy with the new camera though!

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