Travel insurance for trips to America!

I’ve written about travel insurance before but mostly from the American perspective. This article, though, made me realize that health insurance would be even more critical if you were traveling to the US.

In America, we know healthcare is expensive and we pray we have insurance. My students are always shocked when I tell them my aunt’s heart attack story. She spent several hours in the ER and had some stuff done. I don’t even know what exactly but she went home the same day. When the bill came she almost had another heart attack – it was for $120,000.00. She has insurance.

My students in Korea are always shocked. I end up writing the number on the board because they have trouble believing it. Anyhow, this story makes it seem like Canadians would be similarly shocked:

According to the study, a four-day stay in a U.S. hospital for an appendectomy could cost $39,400 US, with only $1,600 Cdn covered by a government health insurance plan (GHIP). A one-day stay in a U.S. hospital for a broken arm and wrist could cost $32,600, with only $400 covered by a GHIP.

So they talk about Canadians getting health insurance for visits to the US. Certainly Koreans would also want to think about insurance (where a stay in the hospital ranges from $20-$200 a night) as I guess most people coming to the US should.

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  1. mary says:

    not only most people visiting the US do think about health insurance, but anyone who needs a visa is demanded to prove health insurance coverage at the point of entry (or at least it may be asked). Tourist and short business travels are often covered by insurance on the credit card used to purchase the trip, but otherwise (at least in Europe) there is a huge business of health insurances for long trips to the USA.

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