Travel news videos: Lasers distracting pilots, Noah’s Ark in Kentucky, huge waves battering cruise ship

Over the past 24 hours or so I’ve seen 3 travel related news videos make it to the front page of Yahoo!

Most recently, it was this one on the increasing number of lasers being aimed at the cockpits of landing airplanes. Pilots are reporting burned retinas and of course, the landing requires full concentration so you don’t want this kind of dangerous distraction.

We’ve also got this one on a bible-themed tourist attraction. Nothing wrong with that of course, except that it will be built with state money (sort of – 40 million in tax breaks for the developer). It’s an expensive project but it projects to bring in lots of tourist money. I like the quote that goes something like, “I wasn’t elected to argue religion – I was elected to create jobs.” And while the Ark would replicate the one described in the bible, it would certainly not be a one man project…

Finally, some scary footage of a cruise ship getting tossed around by huge waves.

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