Travel plan revised

A few days ago I posted this possible trip outline:

Dec.29, 2009 – Jan 3, 2010 = Amsterdam

Jan.3-5 = Brussels

Jan.5-7 = Luxembourg

Jan.7-11 = Paris

Jan.11-13 = Amsterdam (again)

Based on your advice, I’m revising that to this:

Dec.29, 2009 – Jan 3, 2010 = Amsterdam

Jan.3-5 = Brussels

Jan.5-7 = Bruges (Brugge)

Jan.7-9 = Luxembourg

Jan. 9-11 = Leiden

Jan.12-13 = Amsterdam (again)

Obviously I’m saving Paris for next time. I do wonder about including Sharon’s advice and hitting Antwerp as well, but I’m already worried about rushing things – I like to take my time so hitting 4 different cities in 2 weeks is pretty unusual for me.

Finding a good map and train schedule would help too. For example my friend said a train from Amsterdam to Brussels would stop in Ghent anyway so we should stop for the afternoon and get that the best hamburger in the world. Antwerp looks like it’s kind of in the middle of everything too so if the train is going right by I suppose we could stop there as well.

In fact, judging from the map stopping in Antwerp between Amsterdam and Brussels seems to make much more sense than stopping in Ghent. But my friend did live in Ghent for a year so he ought to know better than I. I must say though, that this aspect of the trip is no fun to plan. It’s very tempting to keep it simple – Amsterdam – Leiden – Amsterdam or something like that.

And speaking of trains, the Eurail Benelux Pass (€ 218 per person in first class, 139 per person in second class) seems like an easy way to go.

Another problem is packing. We don’t usually pack light but if we’re stopping somewhere for the day I guess it would be better if we did…

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