Travel plan – road trip with dogs from Orlando to Atlanta and back

Day 1

Drive from Orlando to St. George Island, FL – about 6.5 hours. Check in the the St. George Inn ($300 for 4 nights plus taxes and I think a $50 pet fee), go for a little walk on the beach, walk around the stores and restaurants near the hotel.

Day 2

St. George Island. Buy a beach umbrella for $50 since it’s $20 per day to rent and I’ll be here a few more days. They had them for as little as $10 to $15 for smaller umbrellas but no protection is too great for my fair skin. Spend the day on the beach, dinner at ‘The Beach Pit’ ($30 for mullet dip & crackers appetizer, BBQ pork and spare ribs entree, chicken friend chicken entree).

Day 3

St. George Island. Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow but there’s a good chance it will involve the beach. We might go for a little drive to see whatever there is to see on the island that’s not right around the hotel.

Day 4

St. George Island. At some point I’ll see if we can leave the dogs behind (they don’t like that) and hit the St. George Island State Park (no dogs allowed). Frommer’s said St.George was the best beach in America but I don’t see it sitting on the public beach. It’s good, but I don’t see what makes it the best. Maybe the best is hidden in the park?

Day 5

Check out of the St. George Inn and drive 4.5 hours to Columbus, GA. Take the dogs for a walk along the river. Not the most exciting day, but I figured if I drove straight to Atlanta I’d be too tired to do anything so we’ll check out Columbus. La Quinta supplies the pet friendly hotel room.

Day 6

The big day, the reason for the whole trip. Drive 4 hours to Duluth, GA (right by Atlanta) to pick up 7 boxes that came from Korea. Then drive to Smyrna, GA (also near Atlanta). Check in to La Quinta Atlanta Paces Ferry and then walk around Smyrna, which is supposed to be a nice area.

Day 7

Smyrna, GA. Saturday, September 15. We extended the trip for this – today is the food and culture festival followed by fireworks. Might be tricky with the dogs but it’s worth a shot.

Day 8

Check out of La Quinta Drive a couple of hours south to Macon, GA. Check into another La Quinta. Hit the Allman Brothers Band Museum, open Thursday through Sunday.

Day 9

Check out and drive 7 hours back to home. Unpack those boxes.

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