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Here’s another travel plan (the last one was for Brazil) from one of my student’s (it’s final exam week so that means extra credit season…)

I read Moon & 6 Pence when I was in the army. It’s the best book I’ve ever read. The author is William Somerset Maugham, (1874 ~1965) He got the motive from Paul Gauguin. Paul Gauguin is a popular painter now. He was a normal stock broker but someday he left his wife and children and get crazy about painting. He stayed in Tahiti Island and painted the island’s people and nature. He has passion for painting and skill. He died in Tahiti Island. What makes him go crazy? What is the Tahiti’s attractive point? I’m so curious. So I really want to go this island if I can go. Here’s my plan.

Day 1

Fly to Tahiti. There’s no direct line to Tahiti in Korea. I have to transfer plane in Japan. It takes about 14 hours from Korea. ($300 and up). Tahiti and 118 islands near Tahiti’s real name is “French Polynesia” and the main city is “papeete” These islands are under the rule of France now.

At first day, I’m going to the “Rue Paul Gauguin street’, museum. And I’ll try there traditional food. It is like a raw fish and sauce and salad. They usually eat baguette and coffee too.

Day 2

I really want to swim in green sea in Tahiti. I’ll swim all day in Tahiti sea and enjoy the sunshine of nature. I’ll forget every thing and enjoy and drink like I’m a part of this island. They use French pacific Fran (XPF), but also dollar and euro are possible. And most hotel using same electricity in Korea (110v and 220v)

Day 3

I’ll go mountain ‘Otemanu'(722m) and watch the whole view of these island. The sea color will change every second. I’ll see the black pearl and go safari tour. It cost about 80000won. Every food in here is expensive. It’s because they import every food.

Tahiti’s rainy season is December to January. The best time to travel here is July. They held a Tei Urai festival in this season. Their time is 19hours faster than Korea. The average temperature is 25.9℃. People can swim every time in a year. And usually very hot from December to March. Now is winter in Korea, so I want to travel in hot tropical weather these days. People call these islands “Pearl in the South Pacific”, “The Island of love”. I really want to visit.

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