Travel scams

This British article talks about some common travel scams including fake free trips to Florida, card mills (which aren’t necessarily scams but you should know that it is network marketing and that many network marketing companies plus many network marketers don’t deserve your trust), fly-by-nights, issues with travel insurance, people calling your room pretending to be hotel reception, bad exchange rates, fake cops who search you after a ‘friend’ gives you some drugs, drink-doping, unlicensed taxis, getting your bags stolen at security (especially common in US airports according to the article), trying to get in on a scam, and then a bunch of reader submitted scams.

The only real scam that I’ve experienced (one I didn’t fall for since I had read about it before traveling) happened in Thailand. It’s near the end of this travel essay. I remember being amazed that the Wat Pho guard sat there watching the scammer work on my wife and I. I don’t know what those Wat Pho guards get paid, but whatever they get is more than that jerk deserves.

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