Travel to the West Bank and Hospitality Club

Here’s an interesting CBS News article about a tourist experience in the West Bank, Palestine. They say it’s not as dangerous as you’d think since most suicide bombings happen in Israel and there are some good touristy things to do:

Despite frequent blackouts, Israeli army incursions, a lack of hot water, and nary a mint on the pillow, some foreigners find the West Bank – and other global hot spots like Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan – prime vacation territory.

The article also taught me about Hospitality Club, which sounds quite nice:

Meet friendly people and find free accommodation when you travel to any corner of the world. There are no obligations (you do not have to host anyone at your home!), membership is free and we would love to have you in our world wide web of friendly people!

I’ve signed up, which takes a few minutes and am waiting for my application to be reviewed.

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