Travel Trends for 2009

This article gives a good summary of what some travelers predict for 2009. So-called green travel is going to be more important and popular in 2009, apparently…more Americans say that they will be environmentally conscious and will try to stay in eco-friendly hotels. This organization has a wide selection of trips on which you can make a difference.

Surely one of the most eco-friendly hotels must be one that is made entirely from ice, and that doesn’t damage the environment in any way. There seem to be several ice hotels in various cold places, but this one in Sweden sounds like an interesting place to stay. I’m not sure how far it is from the home of Santa Claus, in Finland’s Lapland region.

That same site also gives a list of the top ten up and coming world and US travel destinations for 2009; some of which I have never heard of — Goslar, Germany; Budoni, Sardinia; Englewood, Florida and New Buffalo, Michigan. (Where?) Actually, New Buffalo sounds quite nice, according to the official website.

Lonely Planet thinks these countries will be popular in 2009: Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Algeria, Georgia, Oman and Kyrgyzstan. And Canada as well, for us cautious types.

Personally, if the economy gets any worse, I predict I will be staying at home!

I wish I could say I had been avidly watching the Travel Channel, but unfortunately their programming is not much better than when this blog started discussing the Travel Channel.

Samantha Brown has recently had a couple of good series in the form of “Great Weekends” and “Passport to South America” but they have now all been shown several times. And please, somebody from the TC, if you could make it your New Year’s resolution to get rid of “World Poker Tournament”! (One resolution that should definitely be kept!)

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  1. David Baklarz says:

    Cmon are you serious what percentage do you really think will do that and at what cost to taxpayers.. Stop with all the BS about global warming and fleecing of US citizens its disgusting

  2. Linda Bator says:

    It’s a shame you see Earthwatch as a fluke, as MANY people have gone on their trips for years. And it costs the taxpayers NOTHING. As for global warming being BS, and US citizens being fleced, you should take a moment to do your homework. Not only are US citizens the LAST to pay attention to the impact they make on the world around them, they only become concerned when that impact directly targets them – like the cost of food or fuel going up due to OUR excessive consumption. I hope other people will take a look at how you can do soemthing great for the world around you on your next vacation, and still have a fabulous time. And please remember that minds work like parachutes – they are best when OPEN.

  3. kim sang ki says:

    The environment is a big issue for every activity. considering the environment is very important but traveling is having

    a time to rest. staying in ice hotels, could not be a enjoyable time to me. I could do different practices to keep the environment


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