Travel Trends for 2010, Christmas Gift Ideas

This blog has already reported that 2010 should be a year of travel bargains, but what else can we expect next year? I always find it fun to look at the predicted popular travel destinations for the coming year; these are the top 10 destinations for 2010, according to Lonely Planet. I know absolutely nothing about Suriname (other than where it is) and am not sure I want to go there, but I would love to go to Nepal one day.

Lonely Planet also predicts that certain cities will be popular in 2010 – among them, Abu Dhabi, Kyoto, Vancouver (hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics), Cork, Cuenca (in Ecuador – I had to look that one up) and Singapore. Istanbul is European Capital of Culture next year and is also likely to be popular. Eco-tourism will supposedly be increasingly popular next year and Stockholm, which is designated as European Green Capital for 2010, will also be a hot destination.

Budget travel is likely to be increasingly popular (for me, anyway) and apparently, one trend is for hotels to start offering basic rooms for a rock-bottom price and then charge you for any additional items, such as air-conditioning, etc. This article reports that a hotel in Malaysia is offering rooms for 20 cents a night and there are plans to have similar hotels in the UK and Australia. I think it’s a great idea, although whenever I try to take advantage of these things, I always seem to be told that the offer has expired / all the cheap rooms have already gone, or some similar thing. Rather like using frequent flier miles – all the mileage seats all seem to go before you can book anything.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for somebody who loves to travel, there are plenty of useful gadgets out there, including a folding footrest and various adaptors, to cope with the different power outlets found around the world. And apparently, there is now something called a Chumby, a mini computer with a wi-fi connection that sells for about $200. Yet more technology that I know nothing about! Books always make good gifts and this site has a list of the best travel books published this year.

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