TravelGrove – a strong competitor in the online airfare search game

The following is a paid review:

Travel Grove seems to focus on airfare and they promise to find you

cheap filghts. Of course so do many other sites so I figured I’d see how they stack up.

They find cheap fares by comparing OneTravel, CheapOair, BookingBuddy, and Priceline. First, I tried Travel Grove’s cheap flights to Orlando page since I may be flying from Seoul to Seattle or LA and then on to Orlando.

5 or 6 pages popped up after I did my search. TravelGrove found me $1568/person from American Airlines, $2308 from JAL, and $2649 from Korean Air or a little more from Asiana. Yes, Korean Air and Asiana economy is really a lot more expensive than everyone else. The Priceline pop up turned out to be useless (no flights from ICN) and the BookingBuddy one was annoying because instead of showing me prices they made me click on links to more sites. The OneTravel pop up was interesting – over $1900 for American Airlines but just under $1800 for Asiana Airlines (normally about the same price as Korean Air).

I did a comparison search on Kayak. Kayak adds the option for flexible dates (which I like) plus you don’t need to deal with 5 popup windows. Kayak found me $1665 on American Airlines (2 stops), about the same as Travel Grove on Asiana ($2650), and was more expensive than Travel Grove on JAL ($2900 per person).

I wanted to check out the cheap flights to Rome section as well since Italy is one of my favorites. If you leave from JFK a month from today, British Air is Travel Grove’s cheapest with an $850/person price tag. Kayak also had British Airways the cheapest but at $890/person. Of course you have to see if the fees and surcharges are equal or not but it seems Travel Grove might be cheaper here.

In the end, if finding the cheapest airfare is important to you, you’re probably going to every site you can think of, comparing prices, figuring out what extra fuel surcharges and taxes get added on, and so on. Since Travel Grove is cheaper in at least some cases, I think I’ll think of them next time I’m searching flight prices.

Travel Grove also has a blog. This needs a little more love. The titles might grab your attention, like the “top 5 weirdest bars in the world” but with very brief descriptions, no pictures, and nothing about atmosphere inside the bar the article seems like it’s more for show than anything else.

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  1. Rhonda Peterson says:

    ….. and Trotta scores!….the crowd goes wild…

    Thanks James, you hit on something we… (or me anyway) did not know.

    Thanks for finding this site. Works for me!

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