Traveling around and doing what you love – Anyone here in a club?

This article on a new spicy chili pepper made it to Yahoo’s front page and then caught my attention. At the very end they talk about the “Clifton Chili Club — a group of Brits who travel around sampling chilis.”

It reminded me of my trip to China with my hiking club. We failed at getting a massage and then we failed at getting up the mountain, Taishan or Great Mountain, for the sunset. Then we left before sunrise. I’ve since quit that hiking club but I have joined the Seoul Hiking Club on Facebook and they organize a lot of hikes around Korea – I just haven’t gone on any yet.

I know in America, a lot of car clubs will travel to antique car shows, a subject we’ve mentioned here once before. That can be a lot of fun and I have lots of memories of my father and I going to car shows when I was a kid (sometimes the whole family).

Is anyone reading this a member of a club that travels in order to do something fun?

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  1. Chillidave says:

    Well thanks for the mention. We go for days out to chilli farms food festival etc and camp if we need to, it’s great!! we also pick food for free for example blackthorn berries to make sloe gyn etc

    Thanks and pop in if you ever travel our way.

    From all at the CCC

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