Traveling around the world for Live Action Roleplaying

Long time readers may recall that one of my hobbies is live action roleplaying (LARP). I’ve never traveled more than a few hundred miles for a LARP, road trips from Atlanta to Gettysburg and from NY to Ohio and West Virginia are as far as I’ve gotten. But some people get much further from home for their gaming fix.

There’s an ad here, about a LARP in Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Though lacking in detail, the page says the LARP draws on the region’s culture. Players “join a Pearl Tribe where you will be part of a clan-family and will learn the rituals and traditions of one of the five tribes.” It sounds pretty cool, but also very hands-off compared to some LARPS – there is no mention of character creation or roleplaying themes on the site.

For example, this story mentions a guy from Brooklyn who went to Poland for a LARP. It sounds like a long trip to play a game, but this game took place in a castle, which sounds pretty amazing. It’s kind of like being a tourist who gets to visit the castle in addition to being a LARPer who gets to play a game.

The LARP I play with my friends is called Alliance. It’s more than just a game. It’s a camping trip. I don’t get to enjoy nature much while working on my dissertation so I really enjoy spending a weekend outdoors – usually you sleep in cabins although 20 years ago I used to sleep in a tent at LARPs. Last year I went to a LARP in Gettysburg in October and realized it was a great way to spend hours surrounded by Autumn leaves.

But even better than spending some time in the great outdoors is I get a chance to hang out with friends I have known for years and don’t usually see.

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